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“There are places that call us, maybe even from far away. We do not know the reason, but, even before we have seen them, we know that following their call we will find a piece of our soul”.

That’s what happened to the two of us. We found a magical place in the southern lands of the island, radiating positive energy. A place where the sunlight filtering through the olive trees and rows of vineyards shines with the colors of gold. That place inspired us to want something else, to change our path. It led us to design our future in nature, creating a work activity very different from our previous jobs experiences. With this goal in mind, we transformed our homes into rental apartments that could accommodate people from all over the world, to concentrate our resources in creating an agritourism venture in the countryside of Serdiana, a small medieval village known for the production of high quality wines and olive oil.

We are now laying the foundations of our future life as we write, to offer hospitality, events and the production of extra virgin olive oil, under the brand “Terre di Nur“, literally translated in Lands of light. 

This particular location is currently under construction, so please, be patient. In the meantime, come and visit our Blue Zone, discover its secrets of longevity, and enjoy a day out in an area of rolling hills, where rows of vineyards alternate with olive trees . Its splendid landscapes are dotted with mediterranean bush. It is also the birthplace of many famous wines, Pecorino cheese, “porceddu”,  myrtle liquer, Malloreddus, Culurgiones and much more.

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